Pictures can convey a story, a feeling or situation like nothing else. As still pictures on a wall, or as moving pictures on a screen. Storytelling is part of the job, and without a clear sense of direction, the story might be lost forever.

Together with my trusted camera I take snapshots of the moments around me. Most often of artists on and off stage, pictures of movement and artistry, but also portraits and journalistic assignments. Challenging myself artistically is the best feeling and I love the creative process between photographer and subject.

For more complex situations I work together with some of the best photographers and videographers in the business. No assigment is to large or too small for this powerful cooperative, and with our very different backgrounds we offer a very wide perspective.

Over the years I’ve snapped some OK pictures, and also a lot of really bad ones. The best, of which I’m allowed to show, can be found below: