Project management is an essential part of any production. With proper planning problems can be foreseen and avoided easily, by properly managing the technical team on site the work will flow better and schedules will be kept. A good project manager will help the client achieve whatever they set out to do.

After years of managing projects big and small, I know how vital the role of a proper project manager is and how big a difference it can make. Juggling internal resources, external suppliers, transportation issues, venues, permits and licenses can be challenging but is vital to reaching the goal: A succesful event.

Having worked as project manager with clients such as Carlsberg, Mærsk, Novo Nordisk, EU, IPU and the UN you can safely put your project in my hands.

Production design is the artistic part of a production. My part has mainly been as the technical designer, selecting the equipment most suited for the production and budget. Looking at both the limitations of the production and the artistic vision, trying to make them achieve greatness.

A production design can be anything from selecting a single lamp for an effect at a on-off event to a multi year project in a fixed venue with large screen projection, automation, surround sound and set design. As a technical designer one has to have knowledge of all the different fields of technology and how they can interact. 

No matter how big or small your production is, don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat, even if you just need someone to just bounce off ideas to.